About Us

Our Aims and Aspirations

The purpose of our website is to create awareness of the steps we need to take to reduce Green House Gases. Our website is designed to help finding ways for reducing the use of fossil fuels to produce energy. We want to encourage the use and production of sustainable products such as Solar Panels, Biomass materials and Vegetable oils.

The Company

The Companies name is G.R.E.S. Bio Green Solutions ltd. The company was incorporated in Cyprus; the registered office address is: 51 Griva Digeni Street, Office 2, 6036 Larnaca, Cyprus. The sole activity of the company is to accommodate and administer the internet website: www.eco-eu.com

The Website

The domain name of the website is: www.eco-eu.com, and is the Main Domain and the language is English. This site represents Europe and currently 20 EU Countries and is translated into 16 languages.